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It's a lie! There are no magic donuts!
A socially irresponsible, economically distorted, and politically incorrect parable with BIG NUTS

In the Boardroom of Dough Inc., the #1 manufacturer of donuts, éclairs, and sundry fattening pastries, the executive team grapples with the company’s future. Little do they know, the State Governor, his trusty campaign advisor, and his aide de camp, are meeting with a concerned pediatric oncologist, self-appointed head of her newly formed Healthy Children Action Committee. Together, they plan a new government-led assault to save weight-challenged kids from high calorie foods. Worse, Dough’s major competitor is launching Big Nuts, donuts with 784 calories.
Dough Inc. responds to both challenges with imitation, outsourcing, automation, bribery, and outright theft. Only Jeremy McTavish, head of New Product Development, has a solution.
Author’s note: I was going to tell you more about what happens with Big Nuts, but then you probably wouldn’t read the rest of the book. When you do, you’ll laugh your ass off. However, don’t blame me when it hurts to sit down; you chose to keep reading.

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