Ten reasons why I write
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10.  It is more fun than gardening, my next best alternative
9.   So people will recognize me when I go to Starbucks
8.   I can make wacky websites with mentally disturbed chickens
7.   Immortality   It's a great excuse to travel
6.   I can indulge my fantasies--specifically Hollywood makes my books into movies
5.   To make lots and lots of money (you can help by telling your friends to read my books)
4.   To prove anyone can write a novel, including old farts like me
3.   I forget this one, but I remember it was funny
2.   To avoid boredom by spending vast amounts of time researching, writing, and editing
1.   To feed imagination, mine and yours
Writing Philosphy
Good fiction speaks to all of us.  It may deal with profound issues, or it might have believable and lovable characters in the midst of ethereal fantasy. Sometimes, fiction possesses complex plot elements that keep us up awake at night, or the writing style is simply superb and it’s a pleasure to read.  Good fiction  makes us think as much as it entertains us. With that in mind, a book should operate at several levels, with depth and purpose, open to interpretation, and inspiring conversation if not debate. There should be meaningful lessons, accessible yet carefully presented so as not to lecture.

It is this author's opinion that today's fiction can go an additional step, encouraging life-long learning in the digital age. Imagine science fiction that motivates you to research  Einstein’s contributions to quantum mechanics, a survival tale that has you building fish traps in the garage, or a family mystery that so embraces music, history, and natural science that you spend hours on Wikipedia (or this website)  to discover the 'real life' underlying the Chicken of the Sea trilogy.