Chicken Too
Chapter 39 of Chicken of the Sea ends with Victor Joshua Walker’s family reunited in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, yet his father’s paranoia is unchanged. Two weeks later, the sun is a fireball on the horizon when Victor’s grandmother thinks she sees a ship steaming towards them. A near collision leaves the Spray without an engine and drenched from bow to stern. They divert to Tahiti to make repairs, only to discover that Victor is still in danger. His father relocates to nearby Moorea, rebuilding the Spray’s engine while the rest of the family stays at a resort hotel. What should have been welcome relief from cramped quarters in a luxurious tropical paradise, turns tragic.

With a $100,000 reward on Victor’s head, each new port is a step closer to disaster. Despite murderous Russians and Filipino pirates, the Walker family, like the truth, remains just out of reach. After losing almost everything, Victor is never closer to his father than when they arrive in Australia. A breathtaking conclusion leaves Victor more confident, wiser, and with a family he never expected. With the mystery seemingly revealed, except for one question, and Zagarovsky taking a personal interest in Victor’s demise, the family continues the journey into the final book, Free Range Chicken.

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