Captain Joshua Slocum
Captain Joshua Slocum was the first person to sail alone around the world. Slocum departed Boston, Massachusetts on April 24, 1895. His voyage ended on June 27, 1898 at Newport, Rhode Island, more than three years and 46,000 miles later. He chronicled his journey in the best-seller, Sailing Alone Around the World, published by New York Century Co. in New York and Sampson Low, Marston & Company in England.

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"The Spray's dimensions were, when finished, thirty-six feet nine inches long over all, fourteen feet two inches wide, and four feet two inches deep in the hold, her tonnage being nine tons net and twelve and seventy-one hundredths tons gross. Then the mast, a smart New Hampshire spruce, was fitted, and likewise all the small appurtenances necessary for a short cruise. Sails were bent, and away she flew with my friend Captain Pierce and me, across Buzzard's Bay on a trial trip – all right. The only thing that now worried my friends along the beach was, 'Will she pay?' The cost of my new vessel was $553.62 for materials, and thirteen months of my own labour."

Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum.

Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum.  Captain Joshua Slocum’s route, illustrated by Thomas Forgarty and George Varian in Sailing Alone Around the World, published by New York Century Co. in 1901.

"On July 1, however, after a rude gale, the wind came out nor'west and clear, propitious for a good run. On the following day, the head sea having gone down, I sailed from Yarmouth, and let go my last hold on America. The log of my first day on the Atlantic in the Spray reads briefly: ‘9.30 a.m. sailed from Yarmouth. 4.30 p.m. passed Cape Sable; distance, three cables from the land. The sloop making eight knots. Fresh breeze N.W.’ Before the sun went down I was taking my supper of strawberries and tea in smooth water under the lee of the east-coast land, along which the Spray was now leisurely skirting."
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